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At Bridgestone SSC in Poznań, we have many development opportunities. We are constantly gaining experience here – thanks to numerous projects and modern technologies which we work on. We operate in an international environment where we gain professional knowledge and develop our skills in many areas and fields.

Each of us, step by step, strives to achieve the set goals, continuing the development of an already started career path or building it completely from scratch. What is the best proof of this? Stories of our careers.

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Marta Rajnholc-Kondej

I started my career at Bridgestone right after graduating the University of Economics in Poznań. It was at the time when the Bridgestone was establishing its SSC here and the new team was being formed.

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Agata Dudojć

When I finished my education at the University of Economics in Poznań in the summer 2012, SSC industry experienced a boom. And I ended up in Bridgestone by a coincidence! The offer for which I originally applied was no longer available and I was close to accepting another job when Bridgestone's HR department contacted me about a similar offer that had just appeared.

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Jesus Diaz Muriel

I started my journey at Bridgestone more than 3 years ago when I joined the PTP team as an accountant. Despite the fact that only a few foreigners were working in BEBS at that time, you could already feel the international atmosphere. It did not take me long to fit in!

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