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Marta Rajnholc-Kondej

Marta Rajnholc-Kondej - pracowniczka księgowości stojąca w przestrzeni biurowca

I started my career at Bridgestone right after graduating the University of Economics in Poznań. It was at the time when the Bridgestone was establishing its SSC here and the new team was being formed.

The first step in my career path was the Liabilities Department. It was a very busy time! We were responsible for the migration of processes to the financial center in Poznań – it involved a lot of travel. I was working with the migration of processes from the company’s headquarters (BSEU), the Spanish factory (Bridgestone Spain) as well as the Belgian factory (Bandag). The combination of travel and work, expanding the area of ​​operation with new companies and standardization of processes have made these 4 years pass very quickly.

As Bridgestone offers its employees the possibility to change the department and the scope of duties (as part of internal transfers), I decided to do it, thanks to which I was able to get to know the specifics of the Consolidation Department’s activities and thoroughly look at the compliance of reporting units with the accounting system and its configuration. Due to the fact that it was a temporary contract, after a year I moved to the JSOX Internal Control and Compliance Department where I got to know Bridgestone from the procedural side and participated in the implementation of the JSOX environment in the sales company in Dubai.

It is also possible to return to Bridgestone or the unit within Bridgestone where we worked before. Since I had always been into numbers, I returned to the Consolidation Department, where I am currently working as a Senior Financial Analyst. It is an extremely dynamic department, full of challenges and projects, offering expert support in the fields of reporting, clarification of IFRS regulations, and internal policies. Thanks to working in this team, I gain experience that helps me understand the theoretical issues of IFRS in practice. I receive support in the field of certification as a statutory auditor in the form of internal and external training and, above all, in the form of daily work.

Why am I still working here?

Because of the great people who create an extraordinary atmosphere, possibility of development (training), the company that meets the expectations of employees (e.g. in terms of changing the scope of duties and migration within departments), the wide package of benefits, and supporting the people in need. It is what has made me a part of Bridgestone for a decade now. And I still want to be here!

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