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Jesus Diaz Muriel

Jesus Diaz Murel - pracownik księgowości stojący przed biurowcem

I started my journey at Bridgestone more than 3 years ago when I joined the PTP team as an accountant. Despite the fact that only a few foreigners were working in BEBS at that time, you could already feel the international atmosphere. It did not take me long to fit in!

Soon I started being involved in off-site trainings, company initiatives and projects which were offered to us on a regular basis. Some of them were totally new for me and I can undoubtedly say there were worth a try. The inflection point of my journey at Bridgestone was the partnership meeting in Bilbao. It was an awesome experience to finally meet the people I was working with for more than a year. Since that moment I really felt I was an important asset to the team.

My involvement, commitment and effort were soon recognized – I was appointed to a senior accountant position in PTP. I was also given the opportunity to lead my own SME team! Only a year later I accepted the internal offer in our headquarters – now I work as a Downstream Lead for ARIBA project, working remotely from Poznan. During all the recruiting process I was always supported by management and I could truly feel it.

If you are wondering about joining Bridgestone, you need to know that agility and ownership are one of our main principles. If you are looking for a place where you can speak openly, learn a lot and develop in countless areas – joining Bridgestone is the best choice you can make!

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